Introducing SeaGreen

Empowering professionals with a revolutionary mobile chat platform, crafted exclusively for healthcare professionals.

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Seamless & Free*

SeaGreen is entirely free to use, providing a hassle-free and swift registration process by simply validating your mobile phone number.

Enhanced Connectivity

Easily connect with the peers you trust from your mobile contact list. SeaGreen ensures a smooth and efficient communication within the healthcare community that you work with and trust.

Private & Secure

Embracing cutting-edge end-to-end encryption, rest assured that your personal messages remain solely between you and your intended recipients.

Join the community today and elevate your veterinary care collaboration to unprecedented heights!

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Chat made familiar

Enjoy group and private chats with instant messaging,  effortlessly connecting you with your peers.

Medical discussions redefined

Open dedicated threads for medical case discussions with groups or colleagues, streamlining collaboration and keeping things organized when your day is hectic.

Manage consultations with ease

Multiple discussions organized under one Medical Case for efficient consultation management.

Privacy at the forefront

Our algorithm scans images, ensuring patient information remains anonymous. Media is encrypted and stored securely in SeaGreen's cloud, away from your phone gallery.

Innovative annotation tools

Overlay annotations on original media, giving receivers a comprehensive view. Add arrows, text, and circles to images, even within video frames.